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Perle de Caviar Cristal Eye Gel • Toning Eye Gel
An anti-aging and cosmetic treatment in one! Caviar to replenish, honey to lock in moisture, and light-reflective liquid crystals to minimize the appearance of fine lines. PLUS new active ingredients of Persian Silk Tree and St Paul's Wort: enhance the upper eyelids, smooth crow's feet, fade dark circles. The eye area achieves a youthful, dewy glow and retains a feeling of comfort and moisture throughout the day.

Key Ingredients
Caviar, Wheat Germ Protein, Honey, Chondrus Crispus, Liquid Crytals, St Paul's Wort, Persian Silk Tree

New active ingredients!
Persian Silk Tree
Detoxifying and anti-glycation, it strengthens the elasticity of the skin, and protects the walls of the blood vessels for an anti dark circle and anti-fatigue effect.

St Paul’s Wort
Calming and healing properties, promotes the synthesis of collagen

• Ideal for: sagging of the upper eyelids, tired eyes
• 360° lifting effect: enhances the upper eyelids, smooths crow's feet, fades dark circles
• Instantly blurs the signs of fatigue and brightens the eyes
• Revitalizes the skin

Why we love it
• Day after day, Toning Eye Gel makes your eyes look younger
• Melting gel texture – non oily
• Perfect makeup base for the eyes with its tightening effect and visual imperfections corrector

Apply the equivalent of a grain of rice for the two contours of the eyes, from the inner part to the outer part, with smoothing movements.

15 ml jar