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Phytodess Passion Flower Shampoo

Lasting Nutrition - Dry & Dehydrated Hair

Dedicated to dry and dehydrated hair, this shampoo, with passionflower oil, gently washes the hair and scalp and nourishes them without weighing the hair down. Perfectly hydrated, the hair is less brittle; it is soft, silky and feels stronger*.

Key ingredients: Washing base from vegetal origin, Sugar blends, Abyssinian oil
, Passionflower oil

• After 4 weeks of use:
- 91% of volunteers observe that the hair is nourished without being weighed down
- 87% declare that hair looks stronger
- 91% declare that the hair remains light and is easy to style

Use test conducted on 23 women for 28 days - self-assessment results

Apply to wet hair, work into a lather, then rinse. Avoid all contact with eyes.