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Parfums de Marly - Woody Incense Perfumed Candle

Woody Incense is this very precious scented candle by Parfums de Marly, which is filled with a bright and lofty spirit. The characteristics of the fragrance are immortalized in the candle's name and indeed convey a serious woodinss, but also a deep spirituality that has for thousands of years beed associated with the scent of incense.

A surprisingly light, bright and ethereal spiciness. Woody Incense captures the atmosphere of light-flooded temple on a summer's morning.

Parfums de Marly candles are handmade and use a pure cedar and balsa wood wick which will replicate the crackling sound effect of a chimney. Luxury and elegance are transferred in a stylish black lacquered glass decorated with the Parfums de Marly emblem in gold-tone.

10.50 oz.