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Parfums de Marly - Smoky Vetiver Perfumed Candle

Parfum de Marly noble scented candle, "Smoky Vetyver" is dedicated to the tropical sweet grass vetiver. Its popular and distinctive fragrance is extracted from the dense network of roots that by nature has a rich olfactory span.

This wonderful candle exudes a sophisticated, woody-earthy and rooty fragrance which also carries smoky accents in itself. Smoky Vetyver suffuses a clear, delicate and tart atmosphere of comfort.

Parfums de Marly candles are handmade and use a pure cedar and balsa wood wick which will replicate the crackling sound effect of a chimney. Luxury and elegance are transferred in a stylish black lacquered glass decorated with the Parfums de Marly emblem in gold-tone.

10.50 oz.