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Orlane Magnificent Lip Balm

Plump and voluptuous lips are synonymous with youth and sensuality. An exclusive micronization process with Hyaluronic acid for optimal hydration 24/7 and visibly fuller lips with every application.

A Vegetable Extract from the depths of the ocean, rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9. Stimulates collagen production to restore lips’ volume, bounce and substance. Promotes cellular exchange to rekindle lips’ natural color and shine.

Instant Well-being Texture is transparent, yet slightly pinkish, luscious and subtly scented for infinitely pleasurable applications. An invisible veil that instantly smooths and permanently protects.

• Moisturizes
Creates an invisible "bandage" effect
Revives shine and color

From the 1st application, the lips become infused with softness and comfort.

Apply to the lips with angled applicator tip as needed.

15ml/.5fl oz