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Orlane B21 Lotion Extraordinaire

A powerful cellular enhancer.  This lotion is the essential first step towards transformation to reach a perfect skin.  A perfect alliance of French and Japanese traditions.

“Opens the doors” of the cells to active ingredients.  Allows the skin to attract and retain water creating an ideal environment for the cells to communicate and make them more receptive.

Wakes up cell’s defense system and the skins ability to repair itself. Protects skin from aging and strengthens its youth. Hydrates intensively and long lasting. Prepares the skin for the action of Extraordinary B21 or other anti-aging treatments. Enhances their effectiveness.

Skin Type: 

For all skin types, even the most sensitive. Indicated for women attentive to global regeneration, who intend to prevent and act on all signs of aging.

B21 EXTRAODINAIRE For the first time, an exclusive patented Youth Reset Complex® targets all the factors that cause problems and sets the clock back. Cells regain their energy and function as they did in youth; the skin can benefit fully from the essential elements provided to construct its collagen and its body.

Extraordinary Beauty Results

Visible effect on the main features of a beautiful skin:

  • Skin is tonified 100%
  • Skin is regenerated 96%
  • Skin is more radiant 100%
  • Skin is more vital 96%
  • Skin is more luminous 100%
  • Provides comfort 100%
  • +54.8% of hydration after 1 hour
  • **30 people, 28 days

How to use/Directions:

Apply lotion morning and evening on cleansed skin. Pour the product into the hollow of the hand. Apply to the face by tapping with your fingers. Finally, make slight pressures with the palms. Do not apply to the periocular area. Proceed with the products of the right beauty routine.