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Orlane Aqua Svelte Slimming Scrub

Aqua Svelte is not only a targeted cellulite treatment but also an effective exfoliant that removes dead cells and imperfections from the skin's surface. Microspheres, Caffeine, Ginger essential oil and Marine Algae work in synergy to produce a triple action of exfoliation, purification, and slimming for visible results fast. A progressive shower gel that fights visible cellulite effectively. It is exfoliating, detoxifying and slimming.

A texture that acts as "iron fist in a velvet glove". When it comes into contact with water, this rich exfoliating gel releases its exfoliating particles and its purifying, slimming ingredients.

A refreshing fragrance: invigorating marine notes contribute to the hydrotherapy effect. The product is quick and easy to use, and the thermal effects of water increase its effects exponentially. Warm, relaxed skin is receptive, helping it to absorb active ingredients more quickly. The results are heightened.

Use with an energetic massage under hot water and a cold water rinse to tone the skin and prolong the effects of active ingredients. Rinse with water.

200ml/6.7fl oz