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Orlane Elastine Supradose

Supradoses Program - Orlane has created the first line of tailor-made supplements to customize skincare and cater for the needs of a very skin type. These concentrates of pure active ingredients, measured with pharmaceutical precision for maximum efficiency, optimize Orlane skincare to suit every moment, every wish and every need. They deliver the maximum quality of pure active ingredient in every drop and are added to the skincare cream just before application.

Elastin is the protein which gives skin its elasticity and bounce. Over time elastin fibers become sparser, and the skin wrinkles and loses its ability to spring back.
This concentrate provides the skin with one of its basic components and restores elasticity and suppleness. The face appears more youthful and fine lines are smoothed away.
• Ideal for mature skin, after exposure to sun, after dieting

Two methods of application to suit different skin needs.
• Apply a few drops to the face before using your usual skincare product.
• Mix with skincare product upon application.