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Nutrafol Hairbiotic MD - 3 month supply

A professional-strength booster that targets the gut microbiome as a root cause of thinning hair. Physician formulated with specific strains to help diversify the microbiome to address gut-related pathways that are implicated in hair health.

The Science
Poor gut health can compromise nutrient absorption, disrupt the immune system, increase inflammation, and exacerbate stress, all of which have been shown to profoundly disrupt hair growth and quality. Taken as a daily complement to Nutrafol hair growth nutraceuticals. Pair with Nutrafol hair growth nutraceuticals for an optimized, multi-targeted approach to hair thinning by improving the gut microbiome.

Benefits Hairbiotic MD was developed with 10 clinically tested probiotic strains to improve the gut microbiome as it relates to hair through strengthening the gut-hair axis, supporting the gut lining, and increasing nutrient absorption.

For adults wanting to improve their gut and hair health. For adults experiencing generalized hair thinning, taking or having taken antibiotics, with nutrient deficiencies that contribute to hair thinning, or with digestive or skin complaints with concomitant hair thinning.

Usage: Take 1 capsule of Hairbiotic MD once daily with or without food.

3 month supply, 90 capsules