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Parfums de Marly - Imperial Rose Perfumed Candle

With their impeccable scented candle Imperial Rose, Parfum de Marly have created a majestic memorial to the queen of flowers.

Cool and sublime, a queen enthroned in floral splendor, but at the same time delicate, powdery and fragile! Her hair smells of tea, which is worth its weight in gold, her lips are sweet from the bitter honey of sensuality. A symbol of pure femininity, full of grace, nobility and perfect beauty.

Parfums de Marly candles are handmade and use a pure cedar and balsa wood wick which will replicate the crackling sound effect of a chimney. Luxury and elegance are transferred in a stylish black lacquered glass decorated with the Parfums de Marly emblem in gold-tone.

10.50 oz.