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Cellmen CellSplash


Cellular Invigorating After-Shave Tonic
With stabilised cellular extracts (5%) + phyto extracts

• Double function: after cleansing and after shaving
• Refreshes, revitalises and reveals a fresh-looking complexion
• Soothes, repairs and prevents redness and spots
• Refines skin texture with its biological mini-peeling effect
• Energising, rebalancing
• Alcohol and menthol free

• Morning and evening, throughout the year, after cleansing the skin with WASH N' SHAVE
• Can also be used at any time of day to refresh and tone the face

• Clean, refreshed and toned skin
• Soothed, rebalanced skin
• A more radiant complexion

All skin types
50ml / Net 1.69 fl. oz. glass dispenser