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Cellmen Face - Jar


Revitalizing Cellular Skin care for Men
With stabilised cellular extracts (14%)

• Stimulates and optimises the quality of cellular renewal
• Helps prevent and attenuates the effects of premature skin ageing
• Keeps the upper layers of the epidermis moisturised*
• Improves skin’s elasticity
• Protects the epidermis from external aggressions, sun and pollution
• Reinforces the natural defences of the epidermis
• Strengthens the cutaneous structure and helps make it more resistant to external aggressions and shaving
• Nourishes the epidermis
• Alleviates post-shaving burning sensations
• Prevents redness and pulling of the skin
• Non-comedogenic

• Daily day and night skin care

• Revitalised skin
• Skin better moisturised* and more supple
• Smoothed wrinkles and expression lines
• Healthy-looking complexion

All skin types
50ml / Net wt. 1.7 oz. jar